Interesting projects we are or have been involved in - including 3D Laser Cut Steel ACT & across Australia

Sliding Lid For Concrete Bunker image

Sliding Lid For Concrete Bunker

Industrial Metal Fabrication Tasmania and across Australia. Our customer had an issue with their remotely-located concrete Bunkers being difficult…
Cethana Construction image

Cethana Construction

Hydro spray mitigation structure steel work and erection at Cethana Power Station
New Reception Desk image

New Reception Desk

Showing off our new machine and skills with our new reception desk!
Chalmers Church Transformation image

Chalmers Church Transformation

Walker Designs Chalmers Church renovation.
Unit Development In Newstead image

Unit Development In Newstead

Metalwork for two units in Eldonhurst Drive, Newstead.
Stainless Steel Switch Gear Enclosure image

Stainless Steel Switch Gear Enclosure

Stainless steel enclosure manufactured for Bell Bay Aluminium to lift up over new switch gear when installed. We offer Steel Fabrication in Sydney,…
Installation of new Salvagnini L3 fibre Laser image

Installation of new Salvagnini L3 fibre Laser

Delivery and Installation of the new Fibre Laser
Dismantling of Salvagnini P4 Panel bender image

Dismantling of Salvagnini P4 Panel bender

Trip to Sydney to dismantle the P4 panel bender purchased at auction.

CPT and Geoff Watson have been a valued partner of Bell Bay Aluminium for over 20 years. The main area of support has been with the manufacture and repair of the various designs of anode rods in use across the smelter. With 14,000 anode rod assemblies in use, CPT have consistently demonstrated it has the capability to ensure the substantial quality control measures are adhered to at all times, in addition CPT have delivered well researched improvements which have ensured the aluminium smelting process is not compromised due to a limitation with the anode rod. We have found CPT to be highly innovative and responsive to the changing needs of an aluminium business competing in a global market place. The quality of work and the strong desire to optimise the service or the goods has ensured Geoff and his company continue to feature strongly in our journey to remain competitive. We have experienced examples where CPT would be equal to the best we have found elsewhere in the world, and when proximity to site is taken into account, we are very comfortable in saying CPT are a partner of choice for Bell Bay Aluminium.

Ray Mostogl

General Manager, Operations

Bell Bay Aluminium

Bell Bay, Tasmania

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