Dismantling of Salvagnini P4 Panel bender

Trip to Sydney to dismantle the P4 panel bender purchased at auction.



After the purchase of the Salvagnini P4 Panel bender we needed to dismantle and transport from the factory in Sydney back to our workshop.

We sent our pantech truck up to Sydney and two of us including our electrician flew up met the truck and began dismantling the machine, which at first sight was a much bigger job then we had imagined.

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 After the first day we had most of the guarding and tables off and the electrical side of things was almost all sorted out. Which left us the shell of the machine that needed to be brocken down carefully and pulled apart then loaded into the truck. By the end of the second day we had the machine in pieces and ready to go into the truck.

We filled our Truck to the brim and which just left the heaviest and bulky parts of the machine that we organised a transport company to collect and deliver to our site. All up the dismantling took three people two and a half days.  

The machine arrived on site and was unloaded into our shed ready for reassembly.