Copley Spray Nozzles


Copley Spray Nozzles® are primarily designed to spray liquid tar, bitumen emulsion, or water on to the road or footpath.

They are also used to spray water onto earth work for consolidating road foundations, and to spray water onto concrete during the curing period.

All the nozzles are made from 30mm solid brass bar and have a 1/2 inch British Standard Pipe Thread (tapered) for assembly on to a spray bar.

Copley Spray Nozzle
Copley Spray Nozzle

Types of Nozzles

There are two distinct types of nozzles:

1. INTERMEDIATE (also known as standard nozzles), the general features of which are shown in Fig. B.

2. END NOZZLES shown in Fig. C. These end nozzles are only used on the two outer ends of a spray bar.

The nozzles are made with various sizes of orifice to give different rates of discharge. For each size of intermediate nozzle, there is a corresponding END NOZZLE marked thus.

The discharge rate of the end nozzles is approximately double of that of the corresponding intermediate nozzles.


The purpose of having a range of orifice sizes is to facilitate the spraying of heavy or light applications of liquid to the surface without the necessity of having the spraying vehicle travelling at too slow or too high a speed. This also avoids the necessity of getting too far away from the designed rate of discharge of each nozzle.

Nozzle (old)Orifice WidthDischarge Rate
B36 (B8) 4.44mm 36.36lt/min
B27 (B6) 3.81mm 27.27lt/min
A18 (AN18) 3.37mm 18.18lt/min
A14 (A3) 2.92mm 13.63lt/min
S9 (S2) 2.31mm 9.09lt/min
S4.5 (S1) 1.56mm 4.54lt/min

For each size of intermediate nozzle, there is a corresponding end nozzle marked as: EB36, EB27, EA18, EA18W, EA14, ES9, ES4.5

The discharge rate of end nozzles is approximately double that of the same intermediate nozzles.

We are happy to work collaboratively with our customers on special design nozzles for specific requirements.

Copley Nozzle History

history image
Arthur Copley

Arthur Copley was approached in 1935 by a friend to design an improved nozzle for spraying bitumen onto roads for sealing.

After much testing and prototyping Arthur was able to develop a range of greatly improved nozzles.

In 1936 these nozzles were submitted to the Victorian Country Roads Board and with their own field testing, they selected one of them to be the superior nozzle type. This nozzle distributed bitumen across the width of the road 200-300% more evenly than other nozzles, while also improving the quality of the road surface.

The Copley Spray Nozzles® were manufactured using innovative and effective machining techniques of the time, and they quickly became the bitumen spray nozzle of preference for civil contractors Australia-wide.

Over the next 75 years, the Copley Spray Nozzle® remained fundamentally the same, however the manufacturing techniques changed dramatically, with the availability of new machinery, technology and materials.

Throughout this period, the production of the Copley Spray Nozzle® remained within Arthur’s family manufacturing business. In 2014, the Copley family decided that they no longer wanted to continue trading in the manufacturing industry and were planning to close A.E. Copley Repetition Engineering. Tasmanian relatives of the family who were also in the manufacturing industry, CPT Engineering, decided to purchase the Copley equipment and expand their company’s manufacturing facilities to Melbourne. One of the benefits of this decision was the opportunity to continue Arthur’s legacy by continuing the production of the Copley Nozzle®.

In 2015, CPT Engineering invested resources into the Copley Spray Nozzle®, giving them a revamp and bringing them back into line with industry standards. Some manufacturing techniques were enhanced, superior materials used, and the nozzle part numbers changed to bring them in line with metric measurements (the new part numbers relate to litres per minute, rather than gallons per minute).

In October 2017, CPT Engineering finalised the relocation of the Melbourne operation into a new, state-of-the-art premises located in Melbourne’s industrial hub, Dandenong South. CPT Engineering will continue to manufacture, improve and distribute the Copley Nozzles® from this facility to Australia and the rest of the world.

history image
Melbourne Facility, Dandenong South
history image
Floor Plan of Melbourne Facility

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