Cethana Construction


Hydro spray mitigation structure steel work and erection at Cethana Power Station. Architectural Metal Structures Tasmania and across Australia


Mancala lean-toCPT Engineering were engaged to assist in the drawing, fabrication and erection of the spray mitigation structure at Cethana Power Station. With a tight turn around and challenging site this project had many challenges. Working closely with Pitt & Sherry CPT assisted in creating 3D drawings of the structure to eliminate and construction issues before they occurred, we then created all workshop drawings and started production.

CPT was able to produce all the Beams, Columns, Brackets and Bracing fast and accurately utilising a wide range of advanced machinery and construction techniques to reach the dead line and satisfy the project brief.

CPT arranged all cladding and flashings to be delivered to site along with the steel work after Galvanising.

CPT Engineering supplied labour and expertise to erect the structure on site and all parties involved agree that the project was a success meeting all goals, finishing with a great result for everyone.


Cethana Dam Lean-to